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Wealthiest Magician

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49 Powerful Reasons Why You Must Do Whatever It Takes To Attend The Ultimate Transformational Direct Marketing Workshop & Business Building Bootcamp For Magicians – It Factor LIVE, Nov 6 – 9, 2017!

1. You will leave with a complete, step-by-step marketing plan you can implement immediately to make 2018 your best, kick butt year ever
2. You’re going to learn how to generate hot leads easily and inexpensively
3. You are going to learn how to sell super expensive corporate gigs
4. You are going to see exactly, in a step-by-step fashion, how to guarantee every show you do generates more shows
5. You are going to learn how to dramatically increase your fees and profits
6. You’ll discover how to use NEW technologies to make your magic business explode and make your life easier
7. We’ll show you how to create small, inexpensive Facebook ads that make your phone ring off the hook and your bank account swell
8. You’ll be taught how to increase the response to your advertising by 400%
9. You’ll discover how to create irresistible offers that magnetically attract HOT prospects to you like bees to honey
10. You’ll discover how to create an inexpensive website that is a moneymaking tool
11. You’ll see how to properly use direct mail to make your phone ring off the hook
12. The secrets to selling your shows so people are begging you to perform
13. Your most important asset and how to extract maximum dollars from it
14. How to create MASSIVE PAYDAYS for yourself
15. How to get a influence people and connect better
16. How to start your own newsletter and make it pay
17. The exact sequencing system you should follow
18. How to turn a simple newsletter into a money machine
19. How to write copy that will make you rich
20. How to get up to $1,000+ for a BIRTHDAY PARTY SHOW
21. The incredible “thank you gift” to give to clients
22. One simple activity that will substantially increase your fee
23. How to get multiple bookings from each library/ educational show you book
24. One easily found item that enhances your marketing for birthdays, corporate gigs, and libraries
25. CORPORATE EVENTS: How to earn $20,000+ a month
27. The top five events that will make you rich
28. The real secrets to making money online
29. High impact online marketing strategies that produce results
30. A simple Internet marketing system for magicians that you can use immediately
31. How to quickly and easily add online marketing to your over all marketing plan and make big bucks
32. How to easily and quickly double your income
33. Guest Speaker: BILL GLADWELL
34. Guest Speaker: JASON LADAYNE
35. Guest Speaker: DAVID FARR, “Internet Marketing Expert For Magicians”
36. Guest Speaker: ROB WATSON
37. Guest Speakers: FRED & BOBBIE BECKER
38. Guest Speaker: BRIAN SOUTH
40. Guest Speaker: ROB WATSON
41. Guest Speaker: TOMMY HILCKEN
42. Guest Speaker: MICHAEL FINNEY
44. See EXACTLY how to start booking more shows and make money with your magic right away, even if you still have a regular job!
46. FREE “Hot Seats” for the first people who sign up for the boot camp!
47. FREE GIANT IFL manual packed with templates, tools, breakthrough ideas and more!
48. FREE MEGA SWIPE FILE packed with tons of examples of ads, posters, postcards, brochures, sales letters, marketing samples & more!
49. IRON CLAD GUARANTEE! If by lunch time on day 2 of the workshop – HALF WAY THROUGH THE EVENT – if you decide that you are not receiving any value – simply request a refund and it will be given to you.

50. (I always over deliver) This is going to be a LIFE CHANGING WORKSHOP!

If you seriously have a burning desire to make more money and book more shows in 2002 and beyond, then you owe it to yourself to CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW right now, fill out the registration form and LOCK IN YOUR VIP SEAT TODAY! And if you STILL have questions, simply grab your phone and call us toll free at:  1-888-345-2723 ext. 707