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IFL 2018 is now SOLD OUT!
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Attention Magicians, Entertainers and Speakers…



Learn What’s Working RIGHT NOW In The World Of Show Business Marketing…

…And leave with a proven plan to EASILY plug into your business!

November 12th – 15th, 2018 | New Jersey

It Factor LIVE 2018 is back for our 8th OUTSTANDING YEAR. If you’re a magician, entertainer, speaker or entrepreneur and want to grow your business,
then IFL 201
8 is for you!

We have an amazing lineup of WORLD CLASS SPEAKERS gathering together for this 4-day event—with ONE PURPOSE… TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR SHOW BUSINESS!

If you are you sick and tired of seeing the competition book more & better gigs than you… seeing them grow faster than your business…

If you feel like your business or your income is not growing as fast as it should….

Then You Need To Pay Close Attention…
Because It Factor LIVE is The Answer To Your Prayers!

Ya see, the show business landscape is changing faster than ever… and you need to be positioned to grow in these uncertain times or be left behind. 

Competition is getting fiercer in the entertainment industry, and if you’re not caught up with the NEW ways to attract new clients, get new bookings and scale your business then you’re going to be forced to close your doors within the next 3-5 years.

If you want to have massive success in your show business,
make greater impact, and increase your income,
then you simply cannot afford to miss It Factor LIVE 2018!

At IFL 2018 you’ll learn from the top earners, influencers, and experts throughout the entertainment industry! Every speaker at It Factor LIVE is personally vetted by Brad Ross, and at the top of their game.

You’ll learn from multiple six figure and seven figure earning entertainers, speakers & professional marketers.

You’ll discover new and more effective ways to differentiate yourself from your competition so that you can attract more clients and double, even triple your income!

You’ll also learn new and creative ways to quickly grow your social media following so that you can reach more people, get more clients, and impact more lives. And a TON MORE!

Seats are extremely limited and this event will sell out!

Step Inside IT Factor LIVE & See What Success Feels Like …

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Why Is This Event Different To Everything Else?…


I’m Brad Ross and thanks so much for checking out my Magic Marketing Bootcamp.

For the last 7 years, I’ve invited a small groups of VIP magicians, speakers, entertainers & entrepreneurs to make a MAJOR difference in their professional & personal lives…to become part of a hands on workshop that has the power to grow businesses by leaps & bounds and  change lifes!

These have been outstanding and amazing events that LITERALLY changed lives and careers FOREVER!!!

For the first time in IFL History – we are openening this bootcamp up to 49 SMART Magicians, Entertainers & Speakers – folks who are serious about taking real action and getting REAL RESULTS.  We will be gathering again Nov. 12th – 15th, 2018 and here is your opportunity to join us!

I’m sure you understand that no matter how great a course, webinar, book, or podcasts are, there is absolutely nothing to replace the hands on learning experience of a live workshop where you get to ask questions and meet other wildly successful business owners!

These suckers are a lot of hard work to put together. That’s why I only have one per year.  All my time and energy is going into this one extraordinary week. A week like no other you’ve ever experienced. A week that will transform you and YOUR career.

If you are good at what you do, but are frustrated because you’re not making all the money you deserve and you want to make even MORE money and have MORE fun, then this “immersion experience” is exactly what you need.

MY PROMISE: Spend 4 days with me and my team of consultants and we’ll crack the code to reveal to you in specific detail exactly how to build a successful magic & entertainment business… finally the business of your dreams that makes you the kind of money you never thought possible!

When you attend “It Factor LIVE VIII,” you will be treated to four days of intensive marketing and money-making strategies designed specifically for entertainment professionals just like you.

You’ll spend 4 exhilarating days with me and some very special guest speakers that I’ll share with you in just a few moments. And you will see first hand exactly how everything I teach about marketing & sales for is TRUE and how it can work for you.

Ya know, when I started this event 8 years ago, magicians & entertainers were looking fopr help – help to book more gigs and make the kind of money they wanted.   They didn’t know where to turn.

Show business owners looking to grow their business didn’t have a solid, safe place to go to learn what is working and current, right now, in the world of digital advertising & direct response marketing. They didn’t have a place where they could rub elbows with top earners, celebrities in our niche and network with like minded entertainers & speakers in a mastermind envrionment.

I Started IFL Because I Wanted To Solve This Problem

The problem that I saw was, that if you were trying to learn the skills necessary to grow your entertainment business, then you only really had 1 of 3 options…

Option 1:

Go It Alone!


This option downright sucks!  You would have to try and navigate this new world of digital mareketing, websites, the new fronteir social media landscape and see if you can figure out by yourself how to use things like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram and all these other platforms & techniques to generate some business and book some gigs.

You end up feeling frustrated, confused and no further forward than when you started.

So you move onto option 2…

Option 2:

Join An Online Program

The next option is to join an online training program.

…And conviently enough, someone just targeted you on Facebook telling you that their program is THE ONE that will finally get you results.

So you think it over (and suffer from “NEW SHINEY OBJECT SYNDROME”) pull out your credit card, go through all the training and start to implement.

But a few weeks go by and you’re not seeing any results. You’re not booking any more gigs than you had before.  In fact, there was almost too much training and you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

So you decide to reach out to their support. No reply. Or worse a crappy reply that directs you BACK to the training program.  You keep pressing on and join a couple more programs and purchases later, the hopes that one of these “courses” will turn out to be the holy grail you’ve been so desperately searching for.

However, the more training you go through the more it feels like you’re almost going backwards and moving further away from reaching your goals.

There must be something else you can try?

Option 3:

  You Do Nothing & Stay Stuck

You feel overwhemled and frustrated that no matter what you have tried in the past, it didn’t work. 

So, you stay stuck doing what you have always done – getting what you have always gotten

You start to wonder if you will ever get your business to the net level…

You wonder…

Where can I have learn what will give me QUICK WINS?

What will allow me to do what I love… perform… speak… & GET GIGS BOOKED!


If any part of that resonates with you then…

I Would LOVE To Invite You To Join Us For It Factor LIVE 2018!


Over the last 7 years’ve we’ve been producing this event – it has literally changed CAREERS & LIVES FOREVER – FOR THE BETTER! And when you join us this November, you’ll see why. 


We don’t do theory, we don’t do outdated and we certainly don’t do boring! AND WE DON’T DO FLUFF!


Want FLUFF? Go pet my dog Merlin!

Want REAL RESULTS? THEN YOU NEED REAL STRATEGY! IFL 2018 is THE EVENT that will give you what you N.E.E.D.

Allow me to explain…





NETWORKING – 1 Connection Can Change Your Life!

Let’s face it, nothing is better than seeing exactly how something works. Nothing beats being able to ask questions right away when they pop into your mind. Nothing comes close to being at a live event where the energy level and excitement is so high that the air crackles with electricity.

You will be elbow-to-elbow with people just like YOU.

People who are striving for great things, excited to get their message and talent out into the world and eager to build a show business that supports their lifestyle and gives them complete financial freedom.


We make a lot of time for networking because we know the importance of it. The networking aspect of this event has led to gig booking opportunities, joint ventures and true friendship, that will last a lifetime.


The exciting thing about our event is that unlike traditional magic conferences or business seminars – THERE ARE NO EGOS HERE… no cliques… just a family atmosphere of REAL PEOPLE – GETTING REAL RESULTS and sharing their knowledge in a mastermind experience.

Just 1 Connection, 1 Friendship Or 1 Interaction Can Quite Literally Change The Course of Your Life And Business Forever!


EDUCATION – Learn What Is Working
Right Now!

Unlike a lot of other events, we teach what is actually working right NOW in the world of direct responce marketing, digital marketing & online advertising. This is cutting edge stuff – NO THEORY!You’re getting yours truly and my team of elite faculty for a full 4 days, teaching you exactly what is working for us right now for our respective businesses. Every test, every experiment, every marketing campaign, every traffic source, every lead generation method and every customer acquisition strategy. We completely open up the MARKETING VAULT to our multi-6 figure businesses!

But not only that, you get access to my network. Every year I fill the stage with speakers who are at the top of their game and experts in their own field. One rule that I have is that you should never teach something that you don’t know or use yourself. And I promise every speaker you’ll see & meet at IFL will share what they are doing in their own business to have six & seven figure success! So If there is something that I don’t know about, but I think YOU need to learn, I will find the expert in our industry, in that area and bring them on stage to open up there own vault! We’ve had some incredible speakers in the past (like Jinger Leigh Kalin, Michael Finney, Joanie Spina, Paul Gertner, Nathan Burton, Joe Romano Dave Dee …)  and it’s only going to get better! In fact, our world class curriculum changes every year for IFL – we ONLY bring in the BEST of the BEST SPEAKERS & PRESENTERS!

We’ve Had Some Incredible Speakers In Past And This Year Will Be No Exception!


EXPERIENCE – We HATE Boring… We Hope You Do Too!

One of the aspects of IFL that we are most proud of is the EXPERIENCE.  We work had to make our events experiential as well as educational because, let’s be honest, seminars do tend to be a little boring right? LOL Well NOT HERE!

We spare no expense on the set up with all the bells & whistles (lights, staging, etc.) you’ll get a TON of SWAG & fun gifts… but it’s more than that… We make sure that we have a ton of FUN at the event. We are constantly playing games, having contests, LOTS OF LAUGHS, getting people moving and it’s all to help the learning experience and to help you build relationships with the people around you.

Experiential learning is personal and effective in nature, influencing both feelings and emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skills.  It goes beyond “traditional seminar learning” and ensures that there is higher level of retention, thereby delivering exceptional ROI over a traditional program.


DIRECTION – You Will Leave IFL With Clarity!

Have you ever gone through some training or attended a seminar and it’s got you super excited, fired up but then you seem to leave the hotel almost more confused than when you walked in? It SUCKS, doesn’t it?!?!

It’s then not long before the excitement wears off and you feel like you’re back to when you started? That won’t happen at It Factor LIVE. We promise, you will leave with clarity and direction. We’re not promising you the golden key that can make you a million dollars overnight, your success is going to take some work.  However, one thing we can promise you is this… You will leave with a notebook FULL of stuff that you can take home and immediately implement into your business. In fact some things you will be able to implement RIGHT THERE WITH US at IFL!

We can also promise you this… You’ll accomplish MORE in 4 days with us at IFL Than you could in 4 months by yourself!

Are You Marketing Like It’s 2018?

The World Has Changed &
It’s Time To Jumpstart Your Biz!

Look – you have to be ON THE CUTTING EDGE or you run the risk of getting left behind in the dust. The world of marketing moves SO quickly and every single year, the game changes again. If you’re not ‘in the know’ with the latest and greatest, then your business will absolutely get left behind in 2018! You need to stay up to date on whats working NOW with DIGITAL & ONLINE MARKETING, OFFLINE DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA & VIDEO MARKETING and lots more!


Here’s what you’ll be learning at It Factor LIVE 2018…


We’re going to share with you exactly what is working RIGHT NOW in the fast moving world of Facebook Advertising, Google Ads and so much more. Our team collectively spends THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every month on the various digital advertising platforms and it’s safe to say – our elite faculty has learned a thing or two and we’re going to share it all with you! 🙂 


 Discover INSIDER Superstar BRANDING Secrets Used by Stars of Stage & Screen. You’ll get clear, certain, and confident about Your “It Factor Brand” to attract your ideal clients.  Through our training you’ll make a bigger impact, grow your revenue and REALLY stand out in your market.  We’ll dive deep into your brand’s strategy, meaning, message, and purpose – then we’ll bring your brand to life through your unique message and implementation plan.


 Just having a website is NOT ENOUGH in today’s highly competetive digital landscape – and your site needs to act as MORE than just a pretty online brochure.    We’ll discuss what you need to do, what to avoid, and give you a clear plan to tackle this often confusing area of marketing.   We’ve heard from many entertainment entrepreneurs and business owners who aren’t making anywhere near what they should be from their online efforts.  So if you’re  frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned with how poorly your website and online marketing is performing – It Factor LIVE is the EXACT PLACE YOU NEED TO BE!  We want to offer YOU some help – and guide you through your website game plan, including getting traffic to your site, SEO, blogging, online reviews and so much more will be covered as we dive into “Internet Marketing For Entertainers.”


 Just when you thought the days of mailings, postcards, salesletters and print marketing were gone… THINK AGAIN.  In 2018, DIRECT MAIL IS PERFORMING BETTER NOW than at any time in recent history.   Direct mail allows your sales piece to connect with your customers on a personal level. Unless you plan to take up door-to-door sales (which I know you won’t do) you’re not going to get any closer to your prospects than direct mail.  With a strong sales piece, and multi-step direct mail campaign, your marketing will walk right into their home or office, sit down at their dining room table or desk and pitch your show with expertise that only you can deliver.                                          You just can’t achieve those same results with an email alone.  When your prospects are reading their email, they may have a million other things going on as well.  They have notifications going off in the background letting them know 20 new emails just arrived in their inbox, or they have a new Facebook or Twitter post to look at, silly SnapChat Pics to look at, Instagram posts and DM’s… All the while, your email is like a tiny little voice, trying to interupt the madness in Times Sqaure on New Year’s Eve… At IFL – You’ll get a better understanding of how Direct Mail can fit into your overall marketing plan and how to do it.


 No doubt since the beginning of LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, entertainers have been synonymous with PUBLICITY.  From the early days of Vaudeville and P.T. Barnum to the modern world of Social Media Celebrities, YouTube Channels, ‘Instagram Famous,’ etc. – Publicity & PR is a must if you want to be relevant, get noticed and be seen as the EXPERT… the AUTHORITY.. and THE CELEBRITY.  BEST OF ALL – most publicity is FREE and will give you wider exposure and awareness than advertising you could afford to buy.  At IFL you’ll discover some of the latest & greatest ways to get attention through publicity.  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING It’s pretty remarkable to think that Social Media has been going strong for the past DECADE!  In 2018, the game has changed and NOW more than ever, you need to know to harness the power of this ALL TOO IMPORTANT MEDIUM.   Just a few years ago, if you were present on some social website – it was good enough… post some photos of your show… update your status…. let people know you were up to date… well, that doesn’t really cut it any more. With 30% of millennials saying they engage with a brand on social media at least once a month, your strategy can’t be only about existence. Your brands must be fully invested in your social media marketing strategies and focus on engagement. CONTENT IS KING… without it, you’ll lose out on real customers, which means serious declines on your bottom line. At IFL we’re going to provide you with strategies in Social Media that are current and working today for so many entertainers and brands across the local, national & international fields.  FUNNELS & AUTOMATION  One of the main things you need to learn to build and grow your business is automation. You NEED to learn how to build an automated marketing machine that works for you 24/7, a machine that is converting sales for you completely hands free. This is the ultimate goal and we’re going to show you how we do it!   EMAIL MARKETING EMAIL – let’s look at the facts, it’s not the coolest, hippest, trendiest marketing tool. Far from it. It’s probably how cavemen marketed fire to other cavemen, hailing from the days of Hotmails and AOLs. All kidding aside, you may think you know all about how to use email in your business —except most small business owners I know are still drastically misusing & underutilizing email. It’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects… aka all the modern marketing marvels of the 21st century. But still, even in 2018, email needs to be a part of your overall marketing game plan and it needs to be used effectivley… not just blasting our generic sales messages of “BOOK ME… HIRE ME… I’M THE GREATEST!”  At IFL – we’ll take you step by step through whats working with email today and how you can start using it to YOUR advanatge. VIDEO MARKETING Scroll throgh Facebook lately?  Instagram? Even SnapChat?  VIDEO IS EVERYWHERE.  YouTube changed the world with how we experience  streaming video and if you aren’t using video in your marketing – I guarantee you’re losing gigs!  Video is so important today that if you don’t learn video marketing right now then you WILL get left behind. At IFL we’re going to teach you how to create effective videos that establish you as the EXPERT & CELEBRITY, & drive you more traffic, build your following and
increase your bookings & sales.
  SALES & CONVERSIONS After we teach you exactly what is working right now in the world of generating traffic and leads, we will then teach you the fine art of offer creation, sales technqiues & conversion. We’ll show you all of our sales ‘Hot Buttons’ that will help you effectively convert more visitors & leads into actual paying booking clients.   


Ready to Stop Struggling and Start Achieving BIG Goals You Thought Were only Dreams? Most Productivity Training Programs Teach You to Accept Mediocrity, but Learn the 4x System, and Change Your Life It’s a Whole New Way to Approach Your Goals and Your Entire Life. At IFL, we’ll give you simple strategies to take ownership of your goals & tasks, be accountable for them and be willing to take big risks on setting bigger goals than you ever thought possible. We’ll teach you how to stay dedicated to your goals, without letting setbacks or a perceived lack of progress hold you back.HINT: Most people give up because they THINK they’re not making progress, but they’re usually wrong. And we’ll teach you how to effectively measure your results and avoid being swayed by negative self-talk, so you stay dedicated and can fully take ownership of your goals and adjust your path wherever necessary to get there. Get ready to massivley increase your producity, get more done and really achieve your goals & dreams!  And we’re just gettin’ started – There is SO Much More in Store at IFL… You NEED To Join Us!    

“STOP leaving money on the table!”

Learn how to improve your “BATTING” average.


How to automate, simplify & grow your business with productivity hacks & methods to make working SMARTER as easy as clicking your mouse.


Learn how the pros manage to stay sane and successful as their business scales


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: MORE Directors Notes for Magicians & Mentalists


Matching Your Marketing to Your Magic!

“Business Strategies from the World’s Greatest Magicians”

Author of the #1 Amazon New Release, “Creating Business Magic.” Business magic and disruptive innovation

“Thinking in Pictures”

Creating Promotional Videos That Resonate


And How to Defend, Repair and Manage Your Most Vulnerable Assett… Your ONLINE REPUTATION!

“Persuasion Secrets Revealed”

Simple Mind Hacks, Life Skills and Psychological Tactics to connect with your prospects & clients and in turn boost your bottom line.

Ed Alonzo, with his wonderful Groucho Marx eyebrows, Harold Lloyd Glasses, topped by his signature explosive hairstyle, is easily recognized as one of the country’s foremost comedy magicians & illusionists and International Star of Stage and Television!

In a word, “Ed Alonzo is Brilliant!” He is often recognized as the series regular, Max – the owner of the diner, from the hit sit-com “Saved by the Bell”, and the costar on “XUXA”, the CBS Saturday Morning program. His numerous television appearances include NBC’s Las Vegas, ABC’s Full House, the CBS comedy Murphy Brown where he became one of the infamous secretaries in a guest-star role. In addition, Ed has appeared on over 100 major television variety and talk shows like The Ellen Degeneres show, Top Chef Masters, Cup Cake Wars, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, E true Hollywood Story, Americas Next Top Model, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Masters of Illusion and more.

In 2009 Ed toured the world with pop star Britney Spears, performing in a magic production number with Miss Spears playing the role of magicians assistant. That same year Ed was hired by and met with Michael Jackson to create the illusions for his O2 London concert “This Is It”.

Ed’s face is on the box cover of Fantasma magic sets. They released their first Alonzo magic sets in the US, Mexico and Canada to Costco, Fry’s electronics and Dollar tree stores. Ed now has three more sets available in stores across the country.

In 2013 Britney Spears asked Ed to create a magic production number for her new Las Vegas show “All Eyes On Me”, Ed also developed magic and illusions for pop stars Katy Perry for her EMA 2014 performance and magician David Blaine for the Nickelodeon 2014 Kids choice awards.

Fresh off of multiple new television & theatrical projects, Ed will join us at the 2018 It Factor LIVE workshop, for a VERY RARE behind the scenes look at his incredible career.

During this intimate session, Ed will reveal what has kept him working for over 3 decades and how you too can apply his principles to your own business.


We are SO SURE you will find huge value in IFL and you will love this event
that we are backing it with an IRON CLAD,  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Reserve your seat today…Come to the event…Soak in all of the training…
learn from Brad and our elite speakers & experts.

If by LUNCH TIME on day 2 of the event, you haven’t received value,
then just inform us of this situation, you’ll turn in your materials,
leave the event and we’ll refund every penny you paid us.

Here’s What Some Of Our Past Attendees
Had to Say About It Factor LIVE…



OVER $3,500!!!

These incredible tools are designed, created and assembled exclusively for this event and will be YOUR BIBLE, YOUR BLUEPRINT from here on out! We’ll give you resources, templates, examples and a TON of content that will make marketing your business Offline & Online a BREEZE, plus the speaker & presenter powerpoint slides, handouts, worksheets and more!

It Factor LIVE really starts before you travel to the physical event! NO JOKE! We begin BEFORE the event with our hands on webinar training modules. We hold webinars each week and start working right away on CORE CONCEPTS that will have you producing “WALLET FATTENING RESULTS” BEFORE YOU EVEN GET TO IFL!

Each IFL VIP Attendee is given Access to the secure TOP SECRET Members Portal, where all the Trainings & Modules will be posted as well as additional success tools ONLY for IFL Members.

After IFL is over, you’ll be getting the entire workshop as a Home Study System. Our professional audio-visual company will be recording the entire workshop. The footage will be unedited – so you can re-LIVE the entire event from your office or livingroom… even download the audio’s to listen to in the car, at the gym… anywhere you want! It will be a PERFECT companion toolkit to help you recall the BOATLOAD on material you learned at IT Factor LIVE! Delivered inside your 24/7 Member’s Portal for ON-DEMAND VIEWING ACCESS.

After IFL is over, you’ll be with us for the next year in our EXCLUSIVE MAGIC MASTERMIND… not ’cause we’re magicians, but because the power of this group is TRULY MAGICAL!

You’ll get your career accelerating even faster by being surrounded by LIKE-MINDED individuals who are also interested in growing their business by LEAPS & BOUNDS! Each month we’ll gather on an Members ONLY Webinar where we will DELIVER TO YOU (ON A SILVER PLATTER) actual marketing strategies or campaigns that have been profitable for our us & our clients. You’ll be able to use it to borrow ideas and “swipe” for your own blockbuster promotions. This eliminates the painful guesswork with it comes to writing copy. The templates & tools we supply do most of the “heavy-lifting” for you so you’ll feel confident you’re creating a winner! Plus we’ll strategize ideas, mastermind challenges & issues that come up in our businesses and help one another as we grow.This BONUS alone is worth the price of admission.

Smart entrepreneurs know knowledge is power and speed is critical in order to run a highly-profitable business. Equally important is associating yourself with other high-level performers, which is the essence of the mastermind experience.

Study any notable entrepreneur in the past or present and you’ll discover that many, if not all, have been a part of a mastermind group and owe a large part of their success to this principle. This is where you’ll get to chat with other fellow IFL VIP’s, so you won’t feel you’re taking this journey alone. You’ll be able to form partnerships, joint ventures, even find folks to help you with areas of your business you may need help with.  You’ll be able to share & celebrate your BIG WINS and work through more challenging times… TOGETHER! An UNBELIEVABLE inspirational & practical tool, to keep the IFL learning & growing experience, ALL YEAR!

We want to make sure you’re focused on learning so you’ll be treated to a delicious lunch each full day of the event (Tues-Thurs) and you’ll enjoy snacks & coffee/ drink breaks throughout each day! 

THEN… On Thursday night when we have officially wrapped up the workshop,I’m taking everyone out to a BIG BANQUET to celebrate the hard work put in at IFL! This is always a blast and an awesome way to wrap up!

This is an exclusive, premium bonus and cannot be purchased or seen anywhere else. We give lucky attendees an opportunity to experience the It Factor LIVE HOT SEAT where they presented their BIGGEST Marketing/ Business Challenge and then received help from our entire community. 

This is the chance to REALLY get rapid fire help and ideas from EVERYONE… all the BRILLIANT MINDS OF IFL, all focused on sharing. This will be a VERY powerful session, as it always is. Additionally, we’ll book end the Hot Seat Session each evening, with an “ASK THE EXPERTS PANEL,” so you can get EVERY LAST QUESTION YOU HAVE answered by our elite faculty of experts! And get the help you need to explode your business when you get home.

Have you ever suffered from the “blank page blues?” It’s when you sit staring at your computer working on a marketing project… just waiting for that burst of inspiration and NOTHING HAPPENS!

Maybe it’s copy for your website, content for a direct mail piece…maybe even a new phone script… We’ve all experienced this, which is why top marketers & copywriters use swipe files. This is a collection of direct mail, emails, ads, marketing pieces, letters, etc. you keep and refer back to when you begin to work on a marketing project. Get inspiration & ideasto kick-start your next marketing piece or project, with EASE! As a VIP attendee of IFL, you’re going to have access to an ALL NEW Edition of my, “Important STUFF Swipe File.” This is the most up-to-date collection of archived items I’ve used & gathered AND they all produce results. Think of this as YOUR OWN KICK-BUTT SWIPE FILE!!!!

Each year, I HOLD BACK, not ‘lettin’ the cat out-the-bag‘ on a few bonus gifts…

This year is NO different. But let me tell ya…These bonuses are SO cool – even I can’t spill the beans on them yet!!! But trust me when I say… EVERYONE LOVES OUR TOP SECRET HIDDEN BONUSES EVERY YEAR…and you will to when you join us at IFL!

“I think attending It Factor LIVE is essential. If you’re running a [show] business, a magic business, it’s the best possible thing you can do.

Brad’s coaching in combination with IFL, I found to be incredibly important & valuable to my business.

I look forward to coming back to every year… to the personal relationships, the incredible information I’m getting from really world class speakers… it would cost me a fortune to study with them personally; but here they are at IFL.

And not only can I learn from them, I can talk to them about my own experiences, my own challenges. Where do you get that? I can’t think of another place, THIS IS THE BEST!

For people who say it’s too expensive, I have to say what do you spending your money on? That’s going to get you further not just in your business but in your life. For people who say again that’s too expensive, I consider it an investment in my business.”

RON PEARSON - 5 X's Returning IFL Alumni

Edmonton, Canada


Here’s a Recap Of EVERYTHING Included with Your VIP Registration:

4 Day LIVE EVENT – Filled with “Hands-On” Marketing,
Sales & Business Training by an Elite Faculty of Top Earners

($10,000 Value)

All the Templates, Tools, Manuals, Worksheets & Literal Blueprints

($997 Value)

6 – Pre-Event Training Webinars to lay the ground work for
your business transformation & get you started right away!

($997 Value)

($697 Value)

1 Full Year of Coaching & Support in our
IFL Inner Circle Mastermind Group

($1,164 Value)

Lunches, Snacks & Closing Night Banquet
($357 Value)

($495 Value)

PLUS The Networking, LIVE Q & A’s
& The IN-PERSON Experience
(Priceless Value)

Total Value: $14,707++++

Event Location: Hilton Newark Airport

Enjoy the convenience of staying close to the airport and just a short ride away from ALL that NYC has to offer!

Hotel offers a FREE SHUTTLE to & from Newark Liberty International Airport


 When’s It Factor Live 2018 happening?

The dates are Nov. 12th – 15th, 2018 in New Jersey.

 Where’s it happening?

Hilton Newark Airport Located just 5 minutes to & from
Newark Liberty International Airport.

 Will my ticket be sent to me?

No, you will not need an actual ticket – but upon registering you will
receive an email receipt & confirmation that your seat is reserved.
In October you will be added into the Member’s Portal & Mastermind Group
where you will get to meet your fellow IFL Members.

 Is the event right for me?

Yes, it’s perfect for anyone who wants grow their show business and learn from the experts!

 Where can I stay?

We have organized a discounted rate at our event hotel,
The Hilton Newark Airport for $149/ night (FREE PARKING & FREE WIFI)!
*Alternatively, you can certainly explore other hotel options in the area on your own.

 Can I get refund if I can’t attend?

We offer a refund to anyone who notifies us within 30 days of their purchase
or before *Aug 1st, 2018, whichever comes first. Since the event is limited to
only 49 people, which means your seat is highly valued.
*There are no refunds on registration after August 1st, 2018. Anyone who is unable to attend the workshop
due to circumstances beyond control  (Acts of God, Medical Emergencies, etc) can apply payments made to a future IFL workshop or event.

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