1. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!   It’s Time To Get Out From Behind Your Computer and Away from Your Suitcase Table!

Aren’t you craving human interaction with people who inspire you? You know there’s that deep longing inside you. Fulfill it here. Plus, you know that showing up LIVE is the absolute best (and most) exciting way to learn. No distractions. This is where you’ll get it right.


2. Discover Exactly What’s Working NOW

What would it be worth to you if you could get 10X better results in your magic business for the same amount of work (or less)? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you attend this game-changing event. No fluff. No extra nonsense. Just the facts. Broken down in crystal clear steps.

3. Replenish Your Tank

Look, you’ve been working your butt off day in and day out for awhile now. Don’t you need to re-fuel your fire? The people, the exercises, the experience. You’ll leaving feeling totally connected to your power, your creativity, and your vision. And that means RESULTS baby!

4. The Legendary Hot Seat

Imagine this. 20 minutes. On-stage. In front of everyone. Face to face with Brad. 100% focused on you and your business. That’s EVERYONE in the room focused on your business. We’re talking radical, full-life breakthroughs here. And whether you watch, or win a spot, it’s exhilarating.  Last year Dave & Kathleen Jeffers got a spot and made over $50,000 as a result of attending It Factor LIVE!

5. Motivation By Design

Isolate what needs to be done, the time you need, and the resources you require, and then go after it. Learn what you need to know and implement it.  You’ll put the knowledge you learn at IFL into action, even BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE EVENT!


6. So Much Fun You’ll Forget It’s About Business

We’ll dance like nobody’s watching, laugh until your stomach hurts, joke around like we’ve been friends forever, and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Oh, and we’ll also double your business in record breaking time.


7. The Infamous Garlic Shrimp & Sangria

If you’ve never had a Spanish dinner – you WILL at IFL.  Brad is taking everyone out to his favorite Spanish Restaurant for a FULL – 4 course – unlimited food DINNER!  Last year’s attendee’s couldn’t get enough of the garlic shrimp!  The Sangria also flows freely!


8. Merlin’s Celebrity Appearance

Meet the one and only… the star of Brad’s facebook… In many circles, much more famous than Brad… MERLIN!

9. You Deserve This

You work hard in your business. You show up powerfully for everyone else. Isn’t it time that you do something for you? Show up live and you’ll feel the support and love coming right at ya. Ahhh…. feels so good.

10. Made to Order Breakfast EVERY Morning and Morning Pump Up Session

Before the day gets going, you’ll enjoy a made to order breakfast and buffet with all your favorites!  Then, to get your blood flowing, awaken your spirit, and prepare you to have a kick-ass day. And don’t worry how bendy you are. This is suitable for all levels.


11. Feel Your Power Like Never Before

Ever waiver when it comes time to ask for the biz? Never again. You’ll experience your power and presence in ways you’ve always dreamed about. And then, you’ll be able to do it like this forever.

12. Business & Technology Aligned

You want to help people AND you want to experience true financial freedom, but all this new technology seems to get in the way. Seems like a tricky blend… right? We’ve become known for merging these two worlds with power and integrity. Come here and we’ll make sure you know exactly how it’s done. And that will be the true catalyst for transformation in your business.


13. The IFL Family Wants YOU There

Networking and building friendships are some of the BEST parts of attending an IN-PERSON event like this.  We have a family feeling about our events – everyone works together, helps one another and truly wants to see YOU succeed.  We WANT you there!

14. You’re Holding Yourself Back & You Know It

Come on, isn’t there a part of you that knows you could be playing a bigger game, speaking more powerfully, and standing stronger in your value? Because we do. And we believe it’s time for you to breakthrough. Make the powerful decision to take this step forward now. You’re ready. And it’s your time.


15. The Who’s WHO of Magic Marketing Will Be There

Seriously… everyone will be there. So it would be a real shame if you missed the party.


16. It’s The City That NEVER Sleeps!

LIVE FROM NEW YORK!!!  Okay, well, we may be in New Jersey but we are literally a stones throw from midtown Manhattan. There’s no place like it. From the moment you wake up until the moment you lay your head down at night, expect that amazing NYC energy to flow through you. There’s a reason why it’s the number 2 vacation spot in the US.  Come early or stay after IFL…Why? Museum-strolling, Broadway Shows, bar-hopping… The sheer number of things to do in the Big Apple puts most of its U.S. peers to shame. Cultures from all over the world mesh here with spectacular results.   The busy street life and soaring skyscrapers to the scenic Central Park or reflective 9/11 Memorial.  It’s the greatest city in the world!

17. And DOUBLE Your Business

It’s time for you to shift financial lanes. No fluff. No B.S. Let’s get you’re focused on exactly how to make a lot more money with your magic and entertainment now. How to get your message out to the people who’ll PAY YOU BIG BUCKS. How to become a true expert in your market.

And that my friend, is exactly what you’ll get at this electric live event.

And So Much More!

So… You in?

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