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Best selling author over over 3 doxen books and 150 published magazine articles, Julian Franklin is a world renowned Speaker, Educator and Magician/ Marketer.

SELLING WITH YOUR STORY: How to Grab Attention, Create Loyalty and Build an Army of Unpaid Salespeople.

Whatever business you’re in, almost everyone nowadays is in the business of selling something. Whether you’re trying to get customers to book your show, pitch your company to investors, motivate your employees or get your kids to do the dishes, your success will be dictated by your ability to influence, persuade and “close the sale”.

And storytelling is arguably the most powerful tool in your selling toolbox.

Julian Franklin is a MASTER of story telling as one of the nation’s leading educational assembly entertainers and presenters.  At IFL 2019 Julian will be taking the stage to teach you how to break down the walls our prospects often put up when we are trying to sell our shows and services.  You’ll be armed with the tools to get your story assembled and crafted so you can better connect with your dream clients.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create a powerful story that resonates with your prospects that persuades them to buy.
  • How to build a credible brand based on a story that prospects can relate to and remember.
  • Learn the elements of a story that sticks and gives you instantly loyalty to you and your products.
  • Go through the elements of a powerful selling story that sticks every single time.
  • And MUCH MORE!