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 Mitch Zeltzer

Marketing On-A-Budget for Entertainers

We all love doing the gigs, that’s why we do what we do. But, you can’t DO the gigs, if you can’t GET the gigs. So, how do you get the gigs without spending a boat load of money on ads?
Well, that’s exactly what this session covers.
Packed with tons of modern, low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies and ideas that are sure to get your name spread all over town!

Mitch Zeltzer is not a magician, but he is just the expert you’ll want to listen to when it comes to FREE & LOW-COST MARKETING TECHNIQUES. With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, providing entertainers and games for parties, schools, daycares and corporate events Mitch has grown a highly successful business. Currently his company employs a staff of over 50 people, running over 3000 events/year. And although he has computer science degree, he built his entire business on social media, email and word of mouth marketing.

And he’s the best selling author of the Marketing On-A-Budget for Kids Entertainers book.

During this session we’ll cover practical and actionable ideas you can put into action immediately.

We’ll also cover some key lessons like:

– Knowing Your (Marketing) Audience Great marketing boils down to one simple fact: How can you expect anyone to listen, if
you don’t know exactly who you’re talking to?

– The Sales Process:  Sales, as a concept, is actually very simple. Just two basic steps. Learn what the two steps are, how to master them both AND which one to focus on first, so that you don’t break the bank doing things backward!

– Social Media Engagement:  Learn about the 4 different types of social media posts and how to use them to significantly increase your social media engagement.

– Websites That Sell:  Having a website isn’t enough. You need a website that is intentionally designed to convert visitors into clients. Learn the formula for websites that sell.

– Why Marketing Doesn’t Work For Us?  Learn why most marketing efforts don’t work for a party business and what you can do to overcome this challenge.

– The Sneaky Social Media Marketer Technique:  Learn how to turn your social media accounts into a digital business card that turns social interactions into money!

– Word-of-Mouth Marketing:  Learn how to get WAY MORE referrals for your party business. Why work so hard doing it all yourself? There are ways to get your clients t spread your name all over town for you!