Brad Ross

Besides hosting the entire event, I will be revealing, my step-bystep, the kick-ass marketing strategies that I have been using in my own businesses and even some cutting edge stuff that I have experienced INCREDIBLE RESULTS with over the past year ALONE!

I’ve invested MORE money this year in my marketing education than I ever have before and it’s paid off in spades. While other people are complaining that business is down,
I’m having my best year… EVER!Why? Marketing, baby, MARKETING!!!
Here’s a sampling of the secrets I’ll be revealing during my presentations: I’m going to teach you HO TO BECOME THE CELEBRITY, THE EXPERT, THE AUTHORITY… in other words “THE GO-TO GUY/ GAL” in your niche/ market.
You’ll learn how to position yourself as THE ONLY CHOICE to hire and how to eliminate the dreaded “Price Shoppers” and the peeps calling around saying “I’m just calling to get a price quote for a magician (or speaker/ entertainer). Instead, you’re going to learn how to generate qualified leads that will BEAT YOUR DOOR DOWN TO HIRE YOU!
I’ll share with you my own personal SHOW BOOKING SYSTEMS & STRATEGIES.
In fact, I’m going to walk you STEP-BY-STEP through THE EASIEST, FASTEST WAY to generate leads and convert those leads into bookings… and YES! YOU’RE ACTUALLY GOING TO BE BOOKING GIGS while you’re at this boot camp!
Learn How To Use the Social Media Marketing Strategies THAT ARE WORKING TODAY… without wasting time on the platforms & techniques that don’t produce results.
And so much more!