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WordPress Resource Guide

[heading style=”2″]WordPress Resource Guide[/heading]

Hi [wlm_firstname],

This is the official WordPress Resource Guide with all of the goodies we covered at It Factor Live. Please download each item below and save it to a folder on your computer that you won’t forget

  • Backup Creator – This plugin allows you to backup/clone your website. Perfect if you need to move your WordPress site to another host or location. Note: If you’re on GoDaddy hosting, the better option is ManageWP below.
  • WP-Subscribers – Easily add a great looking opt in box to your website using any autoresponder.
  • WP Traffic Player – Great skins and players for your YouTube videos.
  • SEO Localize – Helps you get ranked for localized keyword searchs, i.e. New Jersey Birthday Entertainers
  • ManageWP – If you have more than one WordPress website, this service let’s you quickly and easily manage all sites at once. Install updates, activate a plugin, backup your website, run security checks plus so much more!

  • Optimize Press – The grand daddy of marketing themes. This is the theme that the It Factor Live site is built on!
  • Profits Theme – This is a theme, similar to Optimize Press that allows for a variety possibilities perfect for any marketer!

*Activation key for all three mobile themes is 8d17fadff79089843e016c7e313b0dfe