Former agent and manager, now Amazon Best Selling Author
and music business & performing arts consultant, will grace the IFL stage this November with TWO NEVER BEFORE SHARED SESSIONS!

Solution Based Negotiation
This workshop discusses negotiation techniques to build better relationships with your buyers and presenting organizations. Learn how to express the value you bring to the table to maximize your fees and your relationships. Ask targeted questions that let the buyer know, you get them and are the solution to their programming needs. Get the
skills you need to make your best deals, whether you are booking a corporate gig or a birthday party, a performing art center or private event. Become a savvy negotiator who understands their client’s needs and concerns while also increasing your bottom line.
The workshop includes ACTUAL practice negotiation while at IFL.

You’ll learn:
1. Three Steps to Every Negotiation
2. Building Relationships
3. Determine your bottom line and your value
4. How to build negotiations around the value of your offerings and

your solutions to their programming concerns rather than price 5 Using the skills/ Mock Negotiation Role Play Sponsorships: Additional Income Streams Jeri’s second hands-on workshop will help you create a template to use for future performances and projects to incorporate sponsorships as part of your budgeting process. This is a mind-shift experience that opens your thinking to ask, “Who might become a great financial partner with me so that I may expand my offerings and touch  more lives.
We will create a process by which you plan future tours and projects to include additional income by using sponsorships.
And Jeri will help you establish a few ongoing relationships with potential businesses or organizations that are a perfect fit for you.

You will learn:
1. Where to find potential sponsors
2. What potential sponsors need
3. What to offer potential sponsors
4. How to create a sponsorship package