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Brad’s Four Rs to Stepping Back to Create CHANGE


1.  Re-evaluate

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of working hard, it’s good to take a step back now and then to re-evaluate your goals.
You may have started off with a specific goal in mind, but that could actually change along the way.

By re-evaluating your goals, you may gain new insights that could help you as you work on your task with a new perspective.


2.  Remind

While working hard and putting in your all, you may feel completely frustrated and discouraged.  It’s good to stop, if only for
a little bit and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing; to remember your goal which you had in mind from the outset.

This is not to say you should just repeat in your head what your goal is, but to remind yourself is to also specifically remember:

Your Why: As in why you started out in the first place. Have you forgotten about your purpose?

Your How: How you would go about carrying out your goal. Are you even enjoying what you’re doing?

Your What: What your original goal was? Have you strayed too far?


3.  Reflect

People tend to be too focused on their goals sometimes and that could actually be a problem.  We ought to
take a step back and reflect on the progress that he or she has already made.

Instead of looking forward, look back. Reflect upon the work you’ve done. Look at how far you’ve actually
come, instead of how far you’re from your goal.

What have you learned? What have you achieved? How much have you done? How much have your grown
as a person?

Reflecting can both give you new insights and also motivate yourself further.


4.  Re-inspire- GET RE MOTIVATED

Feeling totally unmotivated?

Then stop. And get re-inspired.

The problem with most people is that they get inspired mostly at the start, usually from some story of
hardship of a successful person, and that is that.

It’s always at the start.

The problem with inspiration is that it dies off as time goes by, so don’t rely on that single inspiration
you always relied on.

If you’re feeling down and unmotivated, just stop for a bit and put in the effort to gain inspiration again.
Watch inspiring videos on YouTube, read up biographies on successful people or just get out of the house
and be awed by the wonders of the outside work.

OR consider surrounding yourself with LIKE-MINDED people at an event like It Factor LIVE where you’re
sure to get an emotional boost.  Reading articles online and watching Youtube videos can only go so far.

Attending It Factor LIVE will be inspirational and create massive positive change in YOUR business and
YOUR LIFE!  This new inspiration can go a long way for you.

Perhaps you can call this BONUS R:

Remember, you’re out to achieve your goal and go for that something you really want.

But it is not a race – Especially not one where you are competing against others.